Cloud Storage Portland

The arrival of cloud storage services has changed the way people and businesses store their data and communicate with each other.

Now instead of storing bulky, inconvenient filing cabinets companies can store all of their essential data and documents online. They don’t even need high capacity on site server storage capabilities.

What is the Cloud?

Cloud Storage Services in Portland, OR
The cloud is a fairly simply concept that often gets over complicated. The cloud is a system of offsite servers that individuals and businesses use to store their digital files and media. Managed by a hosting company, individuals and organizations are able to buy or rent digital space.

An individual may use cloud storage to store their photos and music, rather than storing that information on their phone.

A business may use the cloud to store essential documents and data.

The hosting company is responsible for server maintenance and ensuring that users have reliable access to their stored information.

How Has the Cloud Changed the Way We Do Business in Portland, OR?

Companies across the globe are now primarily digital and it has affected the way business is done. Here are some of the benefits of using the cloud to store business information:
  • Natural disaster protection: servers are kept secure and backed up
  • Remote access: anyone in the company can log in and access information from anywhere
  • Scalability: you only pay for the amount of storage you use
  • Increased security: hosting companies take extreme measures to keep all data secure
  • Easy file sharing: one document hosted offsite can be accessed by anyone granted 
  • Reduced power/maintenance costs: you don’t have to pay for server maintenance or energy use

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